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Our main fundraising group is run by some special people who give their time and energy to raising funds for the organisation. You can find them at:


We also have a page designated to our Specialist Dog Consultancy which you can find here:

Welcome to Dun-Roamin'

Dun-Roamin' Rehoming is a registered charity No.1152712. We are
a specialist organisation dedicated to rehoming abandoned and stray dogs, based in Staffordshire, England.


We also work to home dogs who find themselves in need when owners have a change of circumstance such as illness or relocation. We aim to make a difference to the lives of animals that some other rescues wouldn't try to rehome or rehabilitate and we are proud to be a safe haven for the dogs we work so diligently to place in loving forever homes.

Our Dogs


A Big Thank You



This section showcases the dogs we currently have in our care. This page contains their name, pic, brief profile and also a video of them in and around kennels. Check back regularly for updates and please share.

As well as our Dog Warden and dog rehoming services we also can assist with our newly formed Specialist Dog Consultancy. Most behavioural issues

can be resolved with the right form of help. Find out how we can help you and your dog here.

Find out what Dun-Roamin' do for dogs in need. We have a growing reputation for putting the belief and love back in to animals that previous  owners sadly didn't. We aim to rehabilitate for brighter days ahead.

If it wasn't for our donations and sponsors then the work we do simply couldn't be done to the level it is. Every donation assists us in helping
a stray or abandoned dog find a better life.

Anyone in TAMWORTH wishing to purchase and donate food and related items to our cause whilst shopping can currently do so at Pets at home, Morrisons and Sainsbury's – in the bins provided.

We want to say a massive THANK YOU to these stores and their customers for allowing us to collect in this way.

If there are any other organisations out there that would like to do the same and collect on
our behalf, please contact us by
email here.

Brighter days ahead

Dun-Roamin' Dog Rehoming – a rehoming kennels based in Staffordshire, England.

Registered charity No.1152712

Rehoming / Stray Dog Collection & Animal Services / Specialist Dog Consultancy.

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