Here are the current dogs Dun-Roamin' are caring for, all looking for a forever home. If you are interested in finding out more about any of these animals please call our rehoming centre manager (during office hours) on 07854 743726.

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Our Dogs


Despite the suffering this dog has suffered at the hands of man, our five year old American Bulldog continues to make strides. He may be wobbly on his legs, with Dry Eye and and an intestinal disorder, yet this extraordinary dog's endurance and capacity to let go of the past is simply astonishing. An emphatically loyal, comical BFG who has an amazing lust for life.


Looking for an extra-special someone with a tranquil home where JAKE will be spoilt rotten and, given his history, this is nothing less than he wholeheartedly deserves! Seeking a pet-free home (with no young children) where JAKE will be the centre of his new owner’s universe.


Sadly, we are unable to change JAKE's past,
but we can definitely rewrite his future.


Early assessments would place JAKE at around
a 3 on our Rehoming Scale.


Can you offer JAKE the home he truly deserves and longs for? Please contact us at


Our five-year-old Rottweiler arrived in February after he was reluctantly relinquished by his owners. LOKI has been castrated, vaccinated and microchipped. LOKI walks beautifully on a long lead, is very responsive and loves to play.


Friendly yet fearful, this magnificent man is coming on in leaps and bounds. Once you have earned his trust, he is fantastic company and promises to make an exceptionally loyal and loving pet. True to the breed, LOKI is steady and obedient.


I am actively seeking a quiet, calm and peaceful household with no babies or young children. LOKI has never lived alongside other dogs.


Largely through potential and capability, I would place LOKI at around a 5 on our Rehoming Scale.


Can you offer LOKI the home he truly deserves and longs for? Please contact us at



After three years within the rescue system, DESMOND is seeking a peaceful, loving, permanent home.


DESMOND is, quite possibly, the cutest Staffy in the universe! Tiny in stature, DESMOND has sad droopy eyes resulting from surgery to correct Entropion.


Affectionate and eager to please, DESMOND is wonderful company and extremely responsive.


DESMOND has lived harmoniously alongside other dogs in the past; however, cannot live with cats. Could you be that special someone to transform this little lad's life? In return, DESMOND promises to bestow unconditional love in spades.


Ten years young, DESMOND is castrated and his vaccinations are up-to-date. A incredibly lovable, loyal and loving companion who melts the heart of all who meet him.


Early assessments would place DESMOND at around a 5 on our Rehoming Scale.


Can you offer DESMOND the home he truly deserves and longs for? Please contact us at


Our charming ten-year-old SBT is our most mature and longest-serving inmate. With a lovable nature and a calming influence on the rest of the dogs, Billy is an absolute pleasure to care for.


Heartlessly dumped at the age of seven, he is long overdue a lucky break. BILLY loves both human and canine companionship and may benefit from the company of a calm, existing dog. Loyal and affectionate to his humans, he is the epitome of 'man's best friend'. Within a home environment, BILLY exhibits behaviour traits which are symptomatic of stress and he does resort to using his teeth with visitors. With this in mind, we are seeking a niche, low-adrenaline household with owners who are prepared to adapt their lifestyle and who have the facility to keep BILLY entirely separate to safeguard callers to the house.


BILLY is quiet, clean and non-destructive. Our little love-bug.


Due to previous incidents involving visitors to the home, we would place BILLY at around a 6 on our Rehoming Scale. With sensible owners, his issues are not insurmountable.


Can you offer BILLY the home he truly deserves and longs for? Please contact us at


Our beautiful GSD is just two years old. Highly insecure, she is struggling immensely within the kennel environment. ELLIE is craving a sedentary lifestyle away from the hubbub of an urban environment.


ELLIE is extremely fearful of traffic, strangers, unfamiliar dogs, children and bikes. When tested and put into a stressful situation, ELLIE's behaviour becomes exaggerated and she resorts to displays of lunging and barking. We are actively seeking a tranquil environment where owners will prioritise her welfare by making judgements that are in her best interests and avoid forcing her into situations which make her uncomfortable. A place where her presence can fade into the background with very limited exposure. A powerful, reactive dog with a strong guarding instinct around the home; yet soft as putty with those that she loves and trusts. An extremely sweet personality under all that gruff.


We would place ELLIE at around an 8 on our Rehoming Scale. A high level of experience required and not a dog for the faint-hearted.


Can you offer ELLIE the home she truly deserves and longs for? Please contact us at

Our Dogs are homed at

Witherley Boarding Kennels & Cattery,
Atterton Lane, Witherley, Leicestershire CV9 3LR.




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