Here are the current dogs Dun-Roamin' are caring for, all looking for a forever home. If you are interested in finding out more about any of these animals please call our rehoming centre manager Laura (during office hours) on 07854 743726.

If (out of hours) email

Our Dogs


LOLA is a young (exact age TBC but approx 3 years), neutered, female Terrier Cross who has come to us from another rescue after going unclaimed as a stray.


She was labeled as being dog reactive and within 5 minutes of coming into our care was seen to be behaving in a way that they had "not seen before", in a positive way.


Lively, friendly, loving walks and placed between two bigger dogs, she has settled in well.


Typical Terrier nature and will react to the usual triggers.


Assessments early doors have her at about a 4 on our scale.


Can you offer LOLA the home she truly deserves and longs for? Please contact Laura at


BILLY is a neutered male SBT, aged at around 9 years who came to us from another rescue.


He is a dream dog to have in the kennels with ZERO issues to speak of in this situation, no matter whether he knows you or not. Friendly, obedient, playful, happy but tainted with a little insecurity also which is kind of sweet.


He does have niche issues but nothing that cannot be overcome and if approached in the right way, our scale rating could have him as low as a 4.


Can you offer BILLY the home he truly deserves and longs for? Please contact Laura at



Our ZIPPY is an 8 year old neutered male cross breed with the physical appearance of a Great Dane / Ridgeback or similar. He came to us after being pulled from another kennels where he had spent four years after originally being an unclaimed stray dog


This big lump is a big puppy in an adult's body and who could blame him after being kenneled for over half of his life


Friendly, playful, bouncy he defies his years


Our scale rating 4-5 based largely on potential


Can you offer ZIPPY the home he truly deserves and longs for? Please contact Laura at


ROXY came to us as a private re-home as she was not getting the attention, love and particularly exercise she needed.


Though she was purchased as an "Irish Staffy" by her owners, it is clear that she is in fact a SBT / Beagle Cross.


She is a sweet young lady of just over two years who is lively and friendly but is also quite easily rocked and so not as secure in her own skin as she would have you believe

She has not been socialised with other dogs and so as usual, will act out in bravado when threatened but is happily living alongside other dogs at close quarters without issue.


Though she has only been under our care for 24 hours, assessments early doors would put her at about a 3-4 on our scale.


Can you offer ROXY the home she truly deserves and longs for? Please contact Laura at


ARCHIE is an 8 year old Lakeland Terrier X who was handed into another rescue for chasing a cat.


At his time of life, he has a certain swagger that is unlikely to change for any new owner

but we find him to be a very adaptable character who loves his walks and loves
his fuss.


Typical Terrier-like stubbornness in certain situations means that he does have a streak requiring confidence in an owner, as a result I would place him at around a 4-5 on our scale.


Can you offer ARCHIE the home he truly deserves and longs for? Please contact Laura at


FREDDY has just came back into care after a while out in a home.


Being insecure he needed someone with confidence to bring him on and alas this was not the case and without the right form of reassurance, insecurities grew and he became too dependent on his sole owner.


I am delighted with how he has settled back in and although it has only been a few days, happy to release him already for potential suitors.


The 3 year old, neutered male SBT cross is eager to please, friendly, lively, playful and with a confident owner can go on to be a real pleasure to own.


On our scale rating I would have him at around 5-6 based largely on potential.


Can you offer FREDDY the home he truly deserves and longs for? Please contact Laura at


ROSSCO is a neutered male Patterdale cross who has come to us at 2.5 years old from his previous home through behavior that could not be rectified.


It was clear early doors that he has probably been allowed to get away with a lot of behavior and has gone with displays of aggression as a form of defence.


He is friendly, lively, happy and loves his time out on walks with or without other dogs and aggression that showed it's head very early doors has totally disappeared though I suspect it may manifest itself again with strangers but nothing that can't be overcome.


He needs a confident owner to bring him out of his shell and continue with the work we have done and I am in no doubt a very different dog awaits his new owners than left his old ones.


On our scale I would place him about a 3-4.


Can you offer ROSSCO the home he truly deserves and longs for? Please contact Laura at

Our Dogs are homed at

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